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Welcome to Ganfeng Lithium Co.,Ltd.!(A share code: 002460 | H share code: 01772)
Our Mission
Utilize limited lithium resources to create a green, clean and healthy life for human development and progress
Enterprise mission

Utilize limited lithium resources to create a green, clean and healthy life for human development and progress.?
Since the industrial revolution, science and technology has accelerated the development and progress of human beings, but at the same time, it has also brought about ecological problems such as greenhouse effect and particulate pollution. How can civilization develop sustainably without delaying the progress of mankind has become the core issue for the global community.

Since its establishment 20 years ago, Ganfeng Lithium?has cultivated a deep expertise in the lithium industry. Ganfeng’s core goal is to promote and realize the sustainable development strategy of human beings through the application of lithium resources: to provide high-quality battery raw materials, speed up the process of automobile electrification and reduce exhaust emissions; to apply energy storage equipment to solar energy and wind power generation, to replace traditional fossil energy with clean energy sources; to recycle waste batteries to avoid pollution and achieve resource recycling;and supply lithium compounds for pharmaceutical enterprises to help human beings suppress cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
Lithium is a rare metal, which can be used in green travel, clean energy storage, smart life, cutting-edge manufacturing, medical and health and other fields to improve human life. ?Ganfeng believes that in the future, limited lithium resources will bring more green, clean and healthy to human beings.

Our Philosophy

Utilize limited resources, create unlimited value.
The concept of Ganfeng lithium industry can be interpreted from two aspects: one is to make full use of limited resources; the other is to create and discover more applications for our products to enhance their use and value.
Utilize limited resources
In order to reduce resource consumption, Ganfeng focuses on lithium salt lake project development and extracts resources by natural solar radiation; in order to avoid resource waste, Ganfeng constantly optimizes technical means to improve product yield; in order to make full use of resources, Ganfeng delivers lithium extracted by-products to cement, glass and other industries to realize maximum utilization of its resources.
The value of resources is also reflected in Ganfeng's management philosophy. Through management innovation, technology innovation and process innovation, Ganfeng makes the human, financial and material in each link of process management, production line equipment, process research and development, and performance management to give full play to its role and pursue the maximization of value.

Create unlimited value
The materials recovered by Ganfeng from spent lithium materials, such as retired batteries and lithium containing solutions, are reused in the production of compounds, metals, batteries and other products. After being used and scrapped, they will enter the recycling system again to form a complete resource cycle, so that the limited resources can play an infinite value through countless times of utilization. Ganfeng has applied the energy storage equipment to solar energy and wind power generation to replace the limited fossil fuel with renewable clean energy.
From electric vehicles, aircraft shells, tires, to 5G mobile phones, wireless headphones, and lipid-lowering drugs, lithium resources are deeply integrated with daily life, contributing value to human beings in multiple dimensions.

Our values
We should inherit the spirit of Ganfeng through values, create a healthy and uplifting working atmosphere, cultivate talents beneficial to the society, and create an open and win-win industry environment. In order to realize the sustainable development strategy of human beings as the ultimate goal, we should make scientific use of resources, promote technological innovation, and seek the balance of society, economy, population and environment.

Integrity is one of the foundations of Ganfeng's business. It operates in good faith, and follows the spirit of the contract and the way of doing business. Honesty is also the most basic requirement of Ganfeng to employees. Honest work, keep promises, and treat each other sincerely and harmoniously.
With transparent process, transparent rules, transparent management and transparent price, we will create a fair and just enterprise atmosphere and develop with the industry..

Integrity &
Responsibility Fulfilment

Responsibility and respect are the essential qualities of Ganfeng people. In daily work, they are loyal to their duties; when they face challenges, they are willing to take on the responsibility; they are willing to fight corruption and uphold integrity; they are dedicated to public service. Ganfeng people should have the courage to take on more responsibilities, and dare to show?their own strength and expand their boundaries in unfamiliar positions, fields and markets.
The responsibilities of Ganfeng’s employees are also reflected in many dimensions. They are responsible to stakeholders, improve product quality and business openness and transparency, and achieve win-win results for all parties; they are responsible for the industry, maintain market stability, adhere to win-win cooperation and promote the development of the industry; they are responsible for the society, abide by rules and regulations, practice social responsibility, and embody the responsibility of large enterprises.

Ganfeng’s specialization comes from its focus in lithium for 2 decades. Expertise lead to efficiency. With a deep pool of technology and talents, Ganfeng has built a complete lithium product chain that integrates upstream and downstream to provide customers with the best quality lithium products.
We provide a platform and guidance to our employees, introduce advanced production equipment and methods, and make the management more scientific, systematic, documental and advanced in overall level. To make every Ganfeng employee become an expert in their field, every demand get prompt response , and develop every product successfully. We are creating the "Ganfeng Speed" in the lithium industry.

Specialisation &

Innovation Driven

Innovation is the power to promote the development of Ganfeng. From technological innovation, process innovation, product innovation, to concept innovation, method innovation, system innovation, all-round evolution, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and lead the industry forward.
Innovation is also one of the core requirements for Ganfeng’s employees. Only by relying on strong learning ability and innovative ideas can we have sustained upward progression within the industry..

Win-win is the philosophy of life advocated by Ganfeng, regardless of temporary gains and losses, seeking long-term development. Let's benefit the partners and build a community of interests together; put an end to vicious competition and maintain the industry environment; learn from each other's strong points to complement each other, give full play to their collaborative advantages, and work together to create greater value with an open and inclusive attitude.
With more than 5000 employees worldwide, Ganfeng people will face all kinds of cross departmental, cross professional, cross language and cross national cooperation. Ganfeng people should learn how to cooperate with more professionals, adjust measures to local conditions and guide the situation, so as to realize the efficient integration of resources, so as to maximize the benefits of cooperation between various businesses and functions.


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